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» NPTE and The Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy (FSBPT) [Added: 7/3/2010]

Licensing authorities and their Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy strive to protect the public by providing service and leadership that promote safe and competent physical therapy practice.

» FSBPT List of State Licensing Boards (Contact Information) [Added: 7/3/2010]

Our member boards strive to utilize the least restrictive yet effective means to protect the public. The boards perform their regulatory functions in accordance with accepted statutes, and in an open, courteous and efficient manner; thus, the public and the physical therapy professionals are assured of a balanced and sensible approach to regulation.

» NPTE Exam Help [Added: 7/3/2010]

Information on eligibility, registration and scheduling, exam administration and withdrawing.

» NPTE Jurisprudence Exam [Added: 7/3/2010]

Your jurisdiction may require that you take a jurisprudence exam that is administered by the FSBPT.  If your jurisdiction does require that you take the jurisprudence exam through the FSBPT, the policies and procedures for the jurisprudence exam are the same as those for the NPTE. Proceed to Candidate and Licensee Services to register online for a jurisprudence exam.

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