Choose the Road Less Traveled

You wake up at the crack of dawn and feed your growling stomach while watching the local news of your small and humdrum town. Then you get in the car and drive the same commute to work just in time for another update from your co-worker who is still arguing with her husband. Your whole day passes by in slow motion working a 12 hour run-of-the-mill shift at the hospital before making your way home just to click rewind and do it all over again. Sound familiar? Maybe it’s time to take a new t...

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Leanne Leuterio 4/17/2017 Comments(0)

Top Travel Destinations for Nurses

In certain cities across the country, travel nurses are more populated because of the great salary to living cost and overall appeal of the city. Here is a list of some of the great cities that travel nurses flock to. Which city atmosphere interests you most? Please tell us about your next travel plans, experiences in any of these cities in the comments. We all know New York City can be an expensive place to live; however, the average salary for a travel nurse in the New York City area is $92,00...

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Elijah Gil 11/17/2016 Comments(0)

Nurses Week 2016

National Nurses Week begin each year on May 6th and ends on May 12th, Florence Nightingale 's birthday. Although there is no coincidence that Nurses Week starts the day after Cinco de Mayo, it should be a week to recognize the quality care that these medical professionals dedicate their lives to. American Nurses Association kicked off a yearlong campaign this year: Safety 360 Taking Responsibility Together . A culture of safety refers to the core values and behaviors of managers, workers, and pa...

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Leanne Leuterio 5/5/2016 Comments(0)

Talk with a Travel Nurse

Did you know that your RN nursing skills are in demand across the country and that you can use your experience to take advantage of travel nursing opportunities across America? It's true; your skills can open doors to a flexible RN travel nursing career that can enhance your resume, while also getting you some great pay and benefits. Traveling nurses enjoy the best of both worlds. The work is stable but it also offers variety. A fresh challenge and adventure comes with every new location. We tal...

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Leanne Leuterio 12/10/2015 Comments(0)