10 Faces of a Nurse

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

       Nurses we know how sometimes you just want to scream at the top of your lungs. The exterior reactions and inner monologues of your day in the life are like no other. Sometimes a good laugh at yourself is the best medicine to have, even for a nurse. Here some situations you may have faced in your time and the reactions you may have. let us know if you can relate and tag a friend! :)

1) When your friend says "Nursing seems like such an easy job." 


2) When someone asks you "Is that's your doctors stethoscope?"

3) "The computers are down again!!" 

4) That one patient who likes to flirt - "Heeeellooo Nurse." 

5) Showing up for your night shift and mentally preparing yourself.


6) When you haven't eaten all day and you finally find time to, but someone is talking to you about their problems...


7) When a family member, nurse or patient asks "What's taking so long?" 

8) When the patient asks for a gourmet meal instead of the food available to them.


9) When you get home from a long shift and finally see your bed.

10) The thought of knowing you helped save a life and all the stress is worth it! 



Elijah Gil

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