Chaos Never Dies For Travelers

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Chaos is everywhere because schedules change, plans shift, unexpected tasks come up, and even contracts get cancelled. It switches forms every little bit to give you something different to deal with. Do you feel like when things are calming down, something always seems to come along and disrupt your path? “Chaos Never Dies” Day exists not so much as celebration, but a day to embrace the essentially random nature of everything and take time to live in the moment.
Majority of our travelers are happy with their jobs and unique lifestyle, but this is not the case for every company. As a traveling medical professional, you are faced with new problems on a daily basis with coworkers and patients. On a larger scale you may encounter other issues, whether it’s personal or with your chosen agency, as you travel from assignment to assignment. The good news is that your NSS representative is committed to helping with any clinical or administrative problems while you are working with us. They will always have your back. Leave the chaos at the door for us to handle so you can focus on providing quality care!

      National Staffing Solutions would like to address some of the turbulence you may find yourself entangled in.
Job Availability Across the Nation

National Staffing Solutions prides itself in offering opportunities and exclusive jobs in all fifty states. At any given time, we have over 600 jobs available for our Therapy, Nursing, Advanced Practice, and HIM/HIT divisions. The Account Managers on our team are the most experienced in the healthcare industry to find the best packages for our travelers. Their special relationship with top-notch facilities is paired with your special relationship with your NSS representative to find the best fit!

As our Accounts team actively looks for these needs in the U.S., we hope that you check our job board daily so that you won’t miss any opportunities that you’re searching for. Another way to stay updated is to keep in contact with your dedicated NSS representative. Calling him/her every once in a while opens the line of communication so that you will be the first to hear about our exclusive job openings before they are on our website.

Time plays an important role in the job search process. It can be frustrating to see that there are no matches in your desired area. Travel jobs are posted and filled within 12 hours at times – talk about chaos! Our best advice is to consider being open to a larger area or have a priority list in mind. Being more open naturally broadens your horizon for new opportunities.


Job Expectations and Details


Have you ever been called by another healthcare agency that had no information about the job? Stay clear of those random calls in your ear! There are a number of reasons for this, but the main one seems to be that smaller agencies overload their Recruiters. They cannot possibly remember every single rate of every opening in the U.S. Avoid this situation by choosing a company with a great foundation and a Recruiter that is knowledgeable and helpful at answering your questions or concerns.

Our internal employees have the best retention in the healthcare staffing industry with veterans averaging five years of working with us. We want you to be prepared with proper expectations before accepting a contract. It is our commitment to make sure you have the best experience as a traveler with National Staffing Solutions. To help set realistic expectations for you, we are happy to answer the following questions about the job opportunity:

   o City and State of the job.

   o Day to day responsibilities, duties, and patient load at the Facility.

   o Only the range of pay-rate, because this is determined on case by case basis.

   o Shift and scheduling. Usually this is given as a minimum or guaranteed hours.

We have an agreement with our facilities to only give certain information unless there is a qualified candidate who is far along the hiring process. If you have any questions about the facility’s culture and the community, it would be best to ask directly during your Interview. There have been cases when a traveler felt the job was not what they expected. This usually pertains to how contract/travelers work along with permanent employees at hospitals. We understand that all situations cannot be anticipated. That’s why your NSS representative is always available for you to speak with about any clinical or administrative issues. Remember that they are your best resource for solving problems and advice.


Initial Paperwork and New State Licenses


Getting started on your first travel assignment with us can seem slow at first. Once you’re past the initial paperwork, moving from assignment to assignment should be a breeze! We’ll make sure of it. Because of our size, we have our own support staff to assist with housing arrangements, travel arrangements, and coordinate much more complex documentation and credentialing. It would be chaotic if your Recruiter handled all of those responsibilities alone. So just know you will be in good hands and supported by strong arms.

Before you hit the ground running, make sure to have these documents in mind:

   o Updated Resume or CV

   o 2 – 5 References

   o Experience requirements can vary

   o Check our Credentialing Checklist for required tests, documents, and certifications

   o Current State Licenses and new ones you’d like to obtain in the future.

Unless you have a compact state license, obtaining a new one to practice in another state can take from weeks to months in time. It is very important that your NSS representative knows your plans before your next assignment so that they can make the transition smooth.


There is always something chaotic happening or an unexpected twist to come around the corner. Let’s limit these possibilities by being prepared with expectations and backed up by a trustworthy healthcare staffing agency with a strong support staff. Travelers can live a rewarding life of experiences and benefits among the chaos to get there. So for “Chaos Never Dies” Day, either relieve something with chaos or simply embrace it. Put a little order back into your life – choose one thing that is disruptive and change it for good! It could be your current job, your home or work environment, or even your travel healthcare agency.

Leanne Leuterio

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