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Wednesday, June 21, 2017
It takes an adventure seeking attitude to become a true traveling healthcare professional. Does moving from one location to another excite you? This off the beaten path lifestyle has a lot of trade-offs, but the reward is worth it! Ultimately you are in control of where you go, what you earn, and what job to take. Change of scenery and work environment can be good for the soul of a free spirited nurse, therapist, or physician. Now, where will you rest your head while on these travel assignments? Travelers have the option to find their own housing or National Staffing Solutions' Housing Dept. will help arrange your housing situation from start to finish. 

Learn more about how housing works for travel therapists, nurses, and physicians.
So get creative with your destination and where you call home! If you're taking an assignment in the countryside, look into living in a log cabin for a few months. What about a beach retreat or villa for a month on the West Coast? Maybe if you're with a group of travel buddies, rent a castle for a week or two. The last recommendation may be a tough one to arrange, but NSS Housing Dept. is up for the challenge. Our team specializes in securing accommodations in short time frames with impeccable service.

The possibilities are endless, but still should be within reason of cost of living. The type of housing you choose; whether it be a hotel, extended stay, or fully furnished apartment, has it's own advantages. Vacation rentals often provide more space, privacy and convenience than hotels. Renting a home will give you extra living space, outdoor areas, full kitchen, plus great amenities like a BBQ grill, swimming pool, or game room. They're also available in a wide range of locations. This type of housing is perfect if you're planning on traveling with a large group or have family visiting over the weekend. The lease terms are usually week by week or monthly. Vacation homes are usually pet friendly unlike hotels and some apartments. Rules depend on the owner of the home.

For Log Cabin Day, we put together a list of travel websites that you can use to start planning your housing situation for your next assignment. Log Cabins are sturdy and reliable. They've proven over the years to stand the test of time! Imagine wood burning fireplaces in an outdoors setting either in the mountains or countryside.


Book unique homes and experience your new city or town like a local. AirBnB built a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book accommodations around the world.


 World's largest search engine for rentals. Save time and money by comparing properties from the world's top rental sites. 

Vacation Rentals - Top 10 Places to Rent a Cabin

 Explore the top 10 places for a quiet place to relax in a beautiful setting. A comfortable cabin in a memorable destination will bring the fresh air, expansive views, and peaceful surroundings.

 TripAdvisor - 10 Popular Cabin Vacations You Never Thought Of

 From ski vacations to hiking trips, there's plenty reason to stay in a cozy cabin rental during your staycation or vacation.
 View 10 Popular Cabin Vacations

TripAdvisor - 17 Most Luxurious Cabin Rentals On The Planet

 This list may be way out of the ballpark, but great for travel inspiration. Save up from each assignment by reducing costs and earning more on the job. Unleash the full potential of every trip by staying the smarter way. Who knows, you may rent one of these places down the road! 

Fodor's Travel - 9 Luxurious Log Cabins Across the U.S.

 More inspiration from the rustic charm of cabins. The simple a-frame structure in the middle of nowhere coupled with modern conveniences is a dream!


Book with confidence and escape the confines of a hotel. Rent a whole house for half the price of a hotel.

 Reserve America - Best Cabin Rentals Across The U.S.

Largest provider of campsite reservations in North America.

Rent Michigan Cabins

Relax. Enjoy your search. You're on cabin time now. Compare 245 vacation rentals in Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, New York, Tennessee, and Wisconsin.

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