The Luck of the Location

Wednesday, March 16, 2016
Location. Location. Location! That's one of the most exciting parts about becoming a traveling Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Speech-Language Pathologist, Physical Therapy Assistant, or Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant! Finding the perfect first or next assignment can be a lengthy process for you and your recruiter. Here are the four important factors to think over before accepting a travel assignment:

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1. Dream Destination
    The shores of Hawaii are calling your name! Think of your assignment as an extended 13 week vacation with flexible scheduling. Stay updated with the hottest jobs by browsing our featured section on the home page and our job board. You may get lucky enough to land a contract in a city you are interested in trying out before becoming a permanent resident. Be patient if your first contract with us isn't your first choice. We have exclusive contracts with top notch facilities, but many metropolitan cities primarily fill openings through their large local PRN pools. If you are open to be one or two hours outside the major city of your choice, we can work with you to make your overall experience benefit your career and lifestyle goals! 

2. Variety of Facilities
 As a traveler, you will have the opportunity to work in different types of settings and with all kinds of coworkers and patients. Being able to adapt to different situations is a valuable skill! There are several hospitals, clinics, and skilled nursing facilities across the nation looking for travelers that are eager to enhance their skill set while building a unique resume. Traveling allows you to explore not only the new area, but also areas of specialty. That way you'll be confident once you're ready to pursue a certain path in your career. 

3. Housing Situation
    Before you accept an assignment, you should figure out where you are staying and how it will fit within your monthly budget. This will be your home away from home; so it's very important that you are comfortable and that all arrangements are made before your arrival. National Staffing Solutions has a dedicated Housing team that will coordinate travel and lodging with you. There are usually two options for housing:
      - Company provided housing
For this housing situation, it is only a month to month rate with rentals. You can benefit from a corporate discount rate with our partners through this option. Imagine a stress-free move where accommodations, upfront costs, and utility set ups are taken care of. Start out your new job worry-free!
      - Choose your own housing
If you would like more control over your living expenses, this option may be best for you. Our Housing team is still available to work with you with setting up your living situation on a needs basis. We can also assist you on your search with our recommendations.
      - Commute from your primary home 
Using your personal transportation would be the least cost option without a car rental. Transportation regarding flight or car rental, whether you choose to travel with a companion or not, is flexible through our Housing team. If you are traveling in a state or a city away from your permanent place of residence you may be eligible for tax-free per-diem to help cover costs.  

4. Cost of Living 
      Salary or your hourly rate is influenced on the cost of living for the state that you
currently work in. Supply & demand for medical professionals also determine your weekly pay. In rural areas where treatment is needed may have a higher pay rate than a metropolitan area. Florida, California, and Massachusetts have some of the highest costs for living. 


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