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If you’d like a challenging new opportunity in an exciting new location, take the steps to make it happen. The resources on this page will help you decide where your ideal positions may be located. Select your specialty below to get started. We provide contract and temp-to-permanent personnel to various segments of the healthcare market. Discover the National advantage.

Many healthcare professionals are unaware of the rewards of being a contract employee. There are many myths surrounding contract employment. However, National Staffing Solutions wants to dispel some of the myths while shining light on neglected facts about a career in contract employment, as conducted by the National Association of Temporary Services (NATS):
  • Never pay a fee for placement.
  • More money than a permanent employee for the same work.
  • Opportunity to travel to different job locations.
  • Professional challenge of working on major projects across the nation.

Increased Wages

For comparable assignments, a contract employee generally receives 30 - 100% higher gross pay than a permanent (or direct hire) employee. There is frequently overtime made available to contract employees, which can substantially increase take home pay. Contract employees are paid higher wages because their positions are in need of immediate coverage, making them more of a necessity than a permanent employee.

No Fees
National Staffing Solutions never charges a fee for registration, testing, or placement. Additional training may require you to pay a low cost, in some instances. Besides rare circumstances, we assume all the costs of locating assignments for our contractors.

A contract employee may frequently accept jobs that allow them to discover different parts of the country. Some are willing to move, particularly for long term or highly paid assignments. Occasionally a contractor is willing to travel when a particularly interesting job is available, or if they want to work for a specific client. If needed National will handle your relocation and housing upon your acceptance of a contract away from your current home. The choice is all up to you!

A contract employee can build an impressive resume by accepting assignments on the cutting edge of technology or new medical practices. Contract employees usually possess a broader range of skills than a direct hire employee does due to the fact that a contract employee works with many companies that use a variety of equipment, software, and techniques.

Contract employees have more of an ability to focus on the task at hand and their patients, rather than get caught up in office politics or a difficult boss. The contract employee knows that their situation is temporary, as most contracts last 13 weeks. After completion of a long, lucrative assignment, some contract employees even elect to take time off before starting their next assignment.