Five Ways We Enhance Your Career

More Money In Your Pocket

National Staffing Solutions secures higher pay for you than your current employer or other staffing agencies. National Staffing Solutions is often able to double the pay of a full-time staff position. Our average pay for a therapist is $100k to $120k per year. Our highest is $180k. We are so confident in our ability to pay you more that we have a $1,000 guarantee.

Most placement companies don’t understand your worth as a therapist. They are more interested in making a fast buck and will take advantage of therapists who do not know the market pay rate. At National Staffing Solutions, we pay you top dollar from day one. We would rather pay more than our competitors and work with you for years than pay less and work with you for just one or two contracts.


More Free TimeNational Staffing Solutions More Free Time Image

When you work with National Staffing Solutions, you have more time for your personal life. Most therapists making $100k or more are working 60, 70, and sometimes 80 hours a week. We don’t want that for you. We can find you local contracts within driving distance from your house, making at least $100k per year and working only 40 hours per week.

Once the term of your contract is complete, you have the option of starting a new contract right away or you can take a month or more off to spend with family or friends. Most therapists who work with NSS make their old annual salary in just 6 to 7 months — so the other 5 to 6 months are icing on the cake. Have you ever wanted to take several months off to travel? Now you can. Why not let us find you a new contract near where you want to go, and let us pay for everything!


More Choices
National Staffing Solutions More Choices Image

Contract opportunities can be abundant and you may have multiple locations to choose from. It is not our objective to present you with only one position.  Often, you'll be able to choose among a variety of facilities that meet your professional needs. For example, if want to be exposed to the latest and greatest technology, let us know, and we’ll work to ensure your preferences are met. You can also choose your hours and your shift. Work when you want and where you want. The choice is always yours.


No Worries
National Staffing Solutions No Worries Image

National Staffing Solutions provides you with 24-hour service, including access to your recruiter, our housing coordinator, office managers — and even the president of our company if needed. We promise that when you have an urgent need or concern, we will be on hand to address it immediately. Part of what makes National Staffing Solutions a great staffing company is how quickly and efficiently we work to resolve all concerns. You never have to worry whether your voice is being heard.


No Hassles

National Staffing Solutions No Hassle Image

Our hassle-free and streamlined process ensures you an enjoyable experience with no unwelcome surprises. Some staffing agencies will mislead you regarding contracts or availability of work. We always tell it like it is. If we say we are going to do or honor something, we will. You’re a professional and deserve to be treated as such.

National Staffing Solutions works with you as a partner. Tell us how far you’re willing to travel, what setting you want to work in, and how much you need to be paid. Give us your “wish list” for the ideal position. It’s our job to lift the burden off your shoulders and find it.