Choose the Road Less Traveled

Monday, April 17, 2017

You wake up at the crack of dawn and feed your growling stomach while watching the local news of your small and humdrum town. Then you get in the car and drive the same commute to work just in time for another update from your co-worker who is still arguing with her husband. Your whole day passes by in slow motion working a 12 hour run-of-the-mill shift at the hospital before making your way home just to click rewind and do it all over again. Sound familiar? Maybe it’s time to take a new turn in your career. The profession of a Travel Nurse won’t differ too much from what you learned in nursing school. This opportunity takes your knowledge to new heights as you explore new lands and techniques. Even with the shortage of Nurses in some areas of the United States, it can be hard to stand out among other RN’s applying for the same job. This road less traveled will build you to be a more desirable candidate and happy person!

Be Unique

How many times have you asked someone what they do for a living and their answer is, “I’m a traveling Registered Nurse?” Probably never. Set yourself apart from the crowd and experience something rare. The RN workforce is predicted to grow to 3.24 million in 2022 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That’s a pretty big crowd to compete with, even with the retiring Baby-Boom nurses. This unique career path provides you with skills that enhance your resume and transform you into the ideal candidate for any future job. It gives you the opportunity to work in multiple facilities within a year, which all have their own way of providing quality care for their community. This expertise and flexibility is exactly what hospital management is looking for when hiring a nurse.

Explore More


As a travel nurse on contract, you will get to experience the United States and explore parts of the country that you would have never seen otherwise; all while getting paid! Signing up with a travel nurse agency allows you to do so with ease. If you like historic small towns, look for a contract there! If you like fast-paced cities with a lot going on, do a contract there! Use this stage of your life to make new experiences. You can start traveling at any age with the proper state licensure and experience. Just let your recruiter know if you’re planning to bring anyone with you (yes that includes pets!). Imagine what your life would look like if you took a travel contract by a beach, then in a big city, and finally in the mountains all in one year

Most Importantly…Find What Makes YOU Happy

Take control of your present and future. We do our best to match you with a travel contract that will make you thrive financially and professionally. Learn what you like and don’t like about different facilities and locations. Through experience you will really learn what kind of doctors you want to work for, what type of cities you want to work in, and even what shift schedule you prefer. Be your own boss and tell your recruiter to find the perfect fit. Give up your conventional, 7a-7p, mundane, nursing career and embark on a journey that will change your life forever. When you are 80 years old, you’ll look back at these experiences and reminisce on a happier life that you chose!

Be excited that there is an opportunity out there for you to customize your career. Our company has grown in the past 10+ years as a travel nurse agency. For our nurses specifically, we have 600 jobs weekly that are exclusive. Browse jobs on our Travel Nurse Website or learn more about National Staffing Solutions.

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