How Housing for Travel Nurses and Therapists Work in Your Favor

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

So you’re about to embark on a new journey in your healthcare career? Not many professionals get the chance to switch up their surroundings every few months with ease. This is only successful when you find the right agency that you can trust throughout your traveling years. The initial process can be daunting with credentialing, obtaining new state licenses, and preparing all documents for your first or new assignment.

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The first step is to decide on the right opportunity and facility type. While you are working out the details with your National Staffing Solutions representative, be sure to start thinking about your housing situation. There are two main options: agency-provided housing or choosing your own housing. This last step is made simple with our in-house Housing Dept., who specializes in securing accommodations in short time frames with impeccable service. Our travelers’ happiness inside and outside of work is important to National Staffing Solutions. We will do everything in our power to help you find the best home away from home.


Advantages of Agency-Provided Housing

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Every traveler’s case is different depending on their location, total cost of living, preferences and parameters. Every agency handles housing and budget a little bit differently too. Our Housing Dept. makes sure to include you into the decisions process from start to finish. Once you have an idea about your living preferences, let your housing coordinator know so that they can start preparing the best options for you. Here is a list of the main advantages:

  • Personal coordinator with after hour availability in case of emergencies.
  • Benefit from our established business relationships with realtors, hotels, and private owners.
  • Private housing or roommate matching if shared housing is preferred.
  • Initial set up of lease, utilities and paper work.
  • Coordinate move-in costs, vacancy notices and most upfront costs.
  • Handle coordination of bills and monthly rent payments on time.
  • Assist with additional furniture rentals if needed.
  • Assist with pet applications or other requests.
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 At National Staffing Solutions, your housing coordinator will typically start the search one to two weeks out from your start date. This is because of the revolving real estate market. We primarily set up month-to-month leases so that you are given flexibility on your new assignment or home. In the event that you are unhappy with your housing situation, your recruiter and the Housing Dept. will always do their best in finding a more suitable replacement. If you choose this housing option, our coordinators do extensive searches on Extended Stays, hotels, vacation rentals, apartments and other private accommodations. Ultimately, this hassle-free process is a complimentary service to benefit the experience of our travelers. Even if you opt to find your own living situation, our Housing Dept. is available to assist with your search by providing options. Please do not hesitate to ask your recruiter about more details.


Advantages of Choosing Your Own Home

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This option is usually preferred by more seasoned travelers because it will allow you to choose your own housing based on your personal preferences and budget. The best advantage of this option is that you bring home a higher weekly untaxed Per Diem. Most travelers find this lucrative if you can find housing less than the cost of the agency provided housing. This decision comes down to preference of responsibility. Just know that National Staffing Solutions is here to guide you throughout the process. Our travelers still get the help they want while enjoying these benefits:

  • Trim living costs by living with family or a friend.
  • Full control over where you live and the type of housing.
  • Privacy and responsibility of your own bills.
  • Higher weekly take-home.
  • Manage your monthly housing budget by spending little or as much as you prefer.
  • Purchase, rent or bring your own personal furnishing for comfort.
  • Flexibility of lease duration.
  • Flexibility of move out dates and between contracts.
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We believe strongly that our Housing Dept. provides travelers with involved and customized experiences so that they feel comfortable once they arrive at their home. Relocating can be nerve-racking, but we work as a cohesive team to make any transition hassle-free. By providing our travelers with highly-specialized support at their location, our aim is to make sure our nurses, therapists and doctors never feel alone.

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