Housing FAQ For Traveling Therapists, Nurses, and Doctors

Monday, April 3, 2017

National Staffing Solutions’ very own Housing Dept. specializes in securing accommodations in short time frames with impeccable service. We handle all the arrangements so that you can focus on your first day of work once you arrive at your new assignment. Your happiness inside and outside of work is important to us. While you are searching through our job opportunities, be sure to communicate with your recruiter about any preferences that pertain to Housing. Every travel healthcare company has a different housing policy so be sure to research about your chosen travel agency.



Here some of the top questions about NSS Housing that are brought up by our travelers.

1) What kind of housing is being offered?
- Once you choose a destination, a housing coordinator will search according to your living preferences. Our Housing Dept. always makes sure to include you into the decisions process from start to finish.
- Discounted rates from our established relationships with realtors, hotels, and private owners.
- Agency-provided, private housing or roommate matching if preferred.
- Accommodations will be finalized around two weeks from your start date because of the changing real estate market.
- Lease will be month-to-month to give you more flexibility.

2) Will I be provided with housing if I travel with a pet?
- Most of our agency-placed housing allow travelers to keep pets. Most have breed and/or size restrictions.
- A non-refundable pet fee is charged depending on the renter’s policy.
- We will cover pet deposits for you upfront. Fee will be divided between first few paychecks and notified about these deductions if needed.
- You are responsible to cover any damages or excessive cleaning in the unit.
- At hotels there is usually a limit to 2 pets. This rule varies depending on the accommodations. 

3) How will I get to my assignment area?
- It’s best to drive or have your vehicle transported to your assignment, since you’ll want to explore your new surroundings and go sightseeing on your days off.
- Use public transportation if you’re going to live in a major city where parking is scarce.
- We will always ensure that you have detailed instructions on how to get your destination and your new workplace.

4) How far away is my housing from my assignment?
- We try to keep housing as close as possible, usually within a 30 minute commute of the hospital—but each city will have different options.

5) What furniture will be included with the house or apartment?
- Furnished housing includes all major furniture items such as tables, seating, lighting and beds.
It may or may not include a microwave, washer and dryer. 
- Travelers need to bring their own cooking supplies, electronics, and linens.
- If you have any special requests, be sure to mention this to your recruiter. 

6) Will you provide accommodation if I travel with my spouse and/or children?
- Inform your recruiter as soon as possible so we can find appropriate lodging and give authorization to the property for these companions to reside in your unit.
- Many states have “Two Hearts Beat” laws limiting residents to two people per bedroom. Be sure to let your recruiter know your needs.
- If you require private two-bedroom accommodations, you may need to pay a nominal fee depending on the location and assignment.
- If you choose to live with family or friends, our travel partners will offer you a monthly housing subsidy depending on the assignment and location. (housing stipend)

7) How do I keep up with my mail?
- Forward your mail with the postal service every time you move.
- Some travelers maintain a permanent address at a friend or family’s house and have their mail forwarded to them on a weekly basis.
- Other travelers prefer to rent a private post office box and have the proprietor forward the mail on a predefined basis.

8) Tips for securing your own lodging?
- Motels, hotels, and extended stays are a great place to start on your search.
- Our Housing Dept. can help match you to an apartment complexes for travelers.
- Use a hotel booking site like Hotel Engine, AirBNB, Roomorama, VBRO, HomeAway
- Join loyalty programs to rack up points for perks, discounts, upgrades, freebies, and more.


Leanne Leuterio

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